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Corporate Culture | 企业文化  
1. the corporate mission
Forever bamboo fine, promoting progress , and create wealth for society , create value for customers , providing opportunities for staff , to create profits for the company.

2.the staff mission
Yong Chao development, employee progress , is committed to animal protection , " innovation, cooperation , sincerity and dedication ," a first-class blog .

3.the company's goals
Build China's first brand of bamboo , bamboo scale in the domestic industry leading position ,
Is the first milestones Yong Chao , fitness machine implementation and realization of international diversification
Business objectives , masterpiece hundred famous enterprises , new wind tree industry forever .

4.employee goals
Pioneer era , the industry pacesetter , Choi Chi minor , win-win progress.

5.philosophy (SQSW)
Science and technology (S), quality (Q), service (S), win (W).
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