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Avengers with HaoYan Home Supplies Company
Published :2018-6-16 Hits :512
Avengers with HaoYan Home Supplies Company
《Avengers: Infinity War》is a science fiction movie made by Marvel Comics. The film is directed by Anthony Russell, Jo Russo. And Robert Downey Jr, Josh James Brolin, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson,etc are starring. It was shown on the mainland of China in May 11, 2018.
  The film is the third part of the 《Avengers》 series, the nineteenth film of the Marvel Cosmological Film, which is connected to the plot of 《Thunder 3:Ragnarök》, and tells the story of the Avengers Union and their superhero allies who sacrificed everything to prevent Thanos to destruction of the half of the universe.
  The YueDu Chamber of Commerce was organized an avenging activity in May 12.Our company HaoYan Home Supplies Co, Ltd,as a member of the chamber of Commerce,has the honor to participate in this activity.Our company employees arrived at the Guazhu Lake Park early.After that, about 30 people from different companies in the chamber of Commerce introduced and grouped each other.Then,the four teams took part in the competition.After four different forms of competition,we produced four different rankings.Although our rank is not very good, our team is enthusiastic. Congratulations to the champion team to get the prize.After that,every members of the chamber of commerce took a collective picture as a commemorative.Lastly,everybody went to the cinema to see the《Avengers: Infinity War》together.Seeing the movie, everyone thought it was pretty good, because the special effects and the plot were all very reasonable.
  Through this organizational activity,we all have a good understanding of the companies and chamber of Commerce.The spirit and culture of the chamber of Commerce have been reflected.Meanwhile,the spirit and culture of HaoYan Home Supplies Co.,Ltd is reflected.Thus,the cohesion between companies has been improved.I believe our company will have a better future in the YueDu Chamber of Commerce.
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