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Curtain fabric and its characteristics and applications
Published :2013/05/14 Hits :429
The curtain fabric characteristics and applications, comprehensive interpretation of the features and functions of the different curtains applications. Curtain fabric stress.
Finally, to remind everyone not to vote for the curtains of the price is too low, because some cheap curtains in a fire flammable, and generally have good quality curtains fire performance, the peace of the family is guaranteed.
The curtains in the room in an eye-catching position determines the expression of a room, so in a sense, also reflects the owner's lifestyle and taste. In fact, in addition to the decorative features, curtain material, function, comfort level with my health are closely related.
From the material points, curtains, cotton, linen, gauze, satin, flocking, bamboo, man-made fibers. Cotton, hemp is commonly used information curtains, easy to wash and replacement, suitable for bedroom; gauze curtain decorative strong, can enhance the sense of depth in the room, good light transmission, suitable for use in the living room, balcony; silk, planting fine texture of velvet curtains, luxury gorgeous shading effect of noise are good, but the price is relatively high; clear bamboo texture, lighting effects, and wear, moisture, mildew, do not fade, suitable for the living room and balcony; rayon curtains hard, easy to wash and durable, good shade; blinds more popular choice, you can touch the blade is smooth, there is no flash, and then the curtain flat attempting to pull, look at the open flexible, and finally turn the adjusting lever , check the blade flip whether freely; addition, some wooden curtain using adhesive, likely to cause indoor air pollution, there are children, the elderly or pregnant women to be carefully chosen.
People to buy curtains, usually considered decorative, in fact, should pay more attention to the following aspects.
Anti-noise effect. The study indicated, When the indoor continue to voice contamination up to 30 decibels, it will interfere with normal sleep. Therefore, the choice of a curtain of sound-absorbing effect is critical, texture flocking, cotton, hemp, better. In general, the thicker the curtains absorbing effect better, good quality curtains can reduce 10% 20% outside noise.
1, blackout. If you want a comfortable sleep in the daytime nap, it is best to select a shading effect curtains, cotton or flocked fabric for the bedroom. The study, the restaurant generally do not need too light, you can choose blinds, in order to adjust the light.
2, keep warm. Winter, curtains need to be considered warm, flocking curtain fabric is thick, warm and good. According to the Japanese interior designer, all colors, crimson warm, suitable for winter use.
3, regulate mood. If the curtain color is too deep, a long time will make people feel depression; color is too bright nor good, some newlyweds prefer brightly colored curtains, but over time, will cause visual fatigue, make people feel irritable. In fact, no harm to complicated to simple, light green, light blue natural, fresh color, make people feel good; easy to sleep, you can try a choice of red, with black curtains, helps to sleep as soon as possible.
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